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Radio Astronomy Research Posts

Gamma Ray Bursts... Featured Article Gamma Ray Bursts
Posted: 2009-02-06
Category: Gamma Ray Bursts
By user: jlichtman
Author: Jim Van Prooyen
Jim Van Prooyen known for his Pulsar software and the detection of many Pulsars, has been successful in the detection and cofirmation of GRBs.
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VLF Research in the UK...
VLF Research in the UK
Posted 2008-05-25 in General Radio Astronomy Research by jlichtman
Educator and researcher, Rob Godsby has been doing VLF (40 KHz) solar flare detection. His goal has been achieved as to posting a VLF update chart, every 5 minutes. In addition, his efforts are to involve students. His website:
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Radio Observation of Cynus A...
Radio Observation of Cynus A
Posted 2008-04-07 in General Radio Astronomy Research by jlichtman
Cygnus A Radio Observation @ 1420 MHz. Observer John McKay (UK), using a SpectraCyber, teamed with a fully steerable 3 meter antenna. Further information may be seen at Mr. McKays website or email
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Pulsars and Current Software... Featured Article Pulsars and Current Software
Posted: 2008-04-06
Category: Pulsars
By user: jlichtman
Source: Jim Van Prooyen
Pulsar Software a detection by Software Engineer, Jim Van Prooyen.
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